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Let dull, dingy tile be a thing of the past. Here at Queens Carpet Care, we pride ourselves in being tile cleaning and restoration experts. Cleaning your tile is more than getting rid of the surface layer of dirt and grime, it's about getting all of the stains out that set deep into your tile over time.

Regular mopping can only do so much for your floors and at-home cleaning methods tend to not get a deep enough clean. Grout and tile become discolored over time that our cleaning process can remove and make new again. Not only will our professional cleaning process give your tile new life, but it also sanitizes your floors to keep your family healthy and happy.

Our tile and grout cleaning service is a combination of gentle cleansers and a powerful process to pull dirt from the pores of your tile and grout for a beautiful renewed look. We recommend an annual service for high traffic areas of your home or commercial building. We specialize in all tile from ceramic to porcelain in kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Tile Floor Cleaning in Sugar Land, Texas and the Houston Area

  • Since 1980, we pride ourselves in having over 30 years of experience cleaning ceramic tiles and grout.
  • Home, restaurant, warehouse and office tile cleaning services offered.
  • High pressure, deep cleaning process guaranteed to make you enjoy your floors again.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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